Friday, September 7, 2012

Your Skincare Routine: Demystified.

Working for the skincare moguls at Clinique, I've learned how confusing it can be for people to know what order to use their cleansers, cremes, serums, masks, etc in. 
If you follow these steps, you will have amazing skin in no time.
It's important to be strict with yourself when it comes to skincare.You need to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and treat EVERY SINGLE morning and night.
If you get lazy one night you need to at least take off your makeup.Your skin will thank you!

Step 1: Pre-Cleanse
Many people don't realize the importance of removing your makeup before you cleanse your face. With so many formulas for removing makeup (Milks, balms, gels, solvents, oils, waters, wipes) there is no excuse to not be taking off your makeup! By removing your foundation/powder/concealer before washing your face, you are allowing the cleanser to work to it's full potential. Cleansers are meant to remove dirt and oil, not loads of makeup.

Step 2: Masks

If you're going to use a mask, make sure to remove your makeup first. Do the mask before the rest of your skincare though. 

Step 3: Manually Exfoliate

This is the step where you use your scrub. It isn't necessary for most people to do this every day. As a general rule, use your skin type (1,2,3,4) + 1 day to determine how many days a week you should be exfoliating. For example, I'm a skin type 3 (Combination Oily) so I should use a scrub 4 days a week. I like to exfoliate in the morning since I don't have any makeup to remove first. If you exfoliate at night, remove your makeup beforehand.

Step 4: Cleanse

After removing your makeup, use a cleanser. You can put it on with just your hands, or for some extra exfoliation use a brush/sponge/cloth to lather up. Some days I cleanse twice in a row if my skin was super dirty.

Step 5: Clarify/Tone/Exfoliate

Whatever you call it- toning, clarifying, exfoliating...You need to be doing it! This is the step where you put the smelly liquid on a cottonball and sweep it across your face. It helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin and control oil. Don't let the smell scare you! The alcohol you may smell is not the same as rubbing alcohol, there are over 50 types of alcohol in the world! It should also not be drying (Skin always feels dry after cleansing/toning. Go by how your skin feels in the middle of the day). Just make sure you're using a proper level of exfoliation based on your skins strength. HINT: Sweep the cottonball across your face, DON'T scrub in circles. You want to be lifting the dead skin cells off your face, not moving them around.

Step 6: Moisturize
Choose a lotion if your skin is dry, a gel (oil free) if your skin is oily. This step is what helps restore moisture to your skin. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing create a sponge like environment which is ideal for soaking up any treatments, serums, or booster moisturizers. Avoid the eye area, you need to use an eye cream for that!

Step 7: Serums
Not everybody needs a serum. Some people need multiple serums for multiple concerns. Apply serums in
any order, but always apply before your booster moisturizer. 

Step 8: Eye Creams

Since the eye area is very sensitive, it's important to use an eye cream that is Ophthalmologist tested and fragrance free. Apply eye creams with your ring finger, since it provides the most gentle touch. Use an eye treatment with a metal tip applicator to instantly cool down your eyes.

Step 8: Booster Moisturizer

Moisturizers: Where to start? Night creams, day creams, lotions, gels, hydrators. 
Most choose to use a booster moisturizer in the day that has an SPF in it. If you don't, you'll need to use SPF in another form. Everybody should wear a sunscreen whether you spend lots of time outside or not. If you neglect to wear an SPF, you are going to regret it in the future. 
Dark spots, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging are all caused and worsened by sun exposure.
Night creams are formulated to work overnight when your cell turnover is much faster than it is during the day.

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