Friday, September 7, 2012

Beauty Queen: Lana Del Rey

If you haven't listened to her music, you've at least seen her face before. 
Elizabeth Grant AKA Lana Del Rey is beauty queen of the year in my book.

She looks like a young, fresh and tattooed Priscilla Presley.
I'm not the only one who is obsessed with her. She has recently been the face of H&M, Mullberry has designed a handbag after her, GQ (UK) named her 'Woman of the Year',  she graced the cover of Vogue (UK) back in March, and she's covering the most recent issue of Vogue Australia. There's also word of her becoming the face of Jaguar.

We're all dying to know her beauty routine, so I did some research.
She says it does take time to transform into her alter-ego.
Elizabeth Grant turns Lana Del Rey.

The 25 year old starlet dished to Grazia at London Fashion Week a few tips about her look.
 To enhance her flawless dewy complexion, she just uses tinted moisturizer.
False lashes and huge hair are a necessity in her book.
She sets hot rollers in her hair and uses a curling iron to finish the look.
She loves YSL cosmetics.
She says she's been getting the same manicure since she was 17! Can you imagine?!
Lana insists her lips are real and natural. I totally believe her. They just look full and plump, not overdone.

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    her pre-Lana del Rey years. Ummm... Those lips are as FAKE as they get. But she looks lovely.