Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beauty Review: Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night

I was, yet again, wandering the aisles of Target and had to stop by the cosmetics department- I always do. I came across what looked very similar to MAC's Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara. When I saw it was on clearance for under $4 I knew I had to try it. There was no turning back now.
Here's what it is:
Much like the MAC version, it has a double brush. The top cap twists off for the length brush, both of them make up the volume brush. I've tried a few other mascaras from Rimmel and really liked them, so I was very hopeful for this product.


This look was done with the length brush (top cap)


This look was done with the volume option (both caps).

Length + Volume

This look was done by doing the length option first, then a coat of volume on top of that.

Overall I am not a fan of this product. 
The formula is really wet which makes it hard to not get mascara all over your lids.
Rimmel claims that the formula is non-clumping, but I disagree.
The length brush is an alright option, but the volume and length + volume applications are both very clumpy. It makes me look like I have about 5 eyelash hairs because they all stick together.
I'm tempted to try the MAC version just to give this type of mascara a fair shot. If I'm disappointed in MAC's you know it is just not a good system and I'll stick with the traditional mascaras with one wand.

Thanks for reading, beauties!

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