Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work Update: Week 2

Hello beauties!
So today is my second week at my new job with Clinique. Last Friday was my very first day on the floor, and it went pretty smoothly! A manager from another region came in to train me since my manager was out on her honeymoon. She was super easygoing and helpful. She taught me a ton about the products and got me comfortable around the counter. I even rang a few sales! 
Then I had Saturday and Sunday off and went back to work Monday. On Monday the regional manager (who I had a phone interview with) stopped by to meet me! It was really nice to get to meet her in person. She is so caring and genuinely nice and honestly wants us to succeed. She gave me some great feedback and suggestions.  I worked from 9:45-6:45 so it was a super long day but I learned a ton!
Tuesday we had training. We carpooled up to the Twin Cities for this seminar and got 10 paid hours on the clock! We learned a lot about what we need to do meet our yearly goals. They also gave us 3 free meals and Clinique goodies!
So here's what we got:

I will for sure be reviewing these products in the near future- so stay tuned!
That brings us to today! So today I put much of what I learned at the seminar into play. I started using more of the tools, skin-typed every client I could and booked a bunch of appointments! And I sold almost $1,000 of product...on my third day. Even I'm impressed!

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