Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beauty Queen: Gwen Stefani

As many know, No Doubt released their new single "Settle down" yesterday. Personally I'm a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, after watching the music video I felt inspired to make a post about her.

Can you believe that she's 42 years old with two kids? She looks AMAZING.
So I got curious. What's her beauty routine?
I'm going to spare everyone some time and share what I've found with you.
Gwen's Hair Routine
She uses L'Oreal hair color, but doesn't reveal which shade. She does say that she touches up her roots all the time. If I was blonde I would be using that trying to figure out the DaVinci Code that is her signature shade! She loves Pantene Sheer Volume hairspray to keep her locks in place and uses Pantene shampoo and conditioner also.
Gwen's Makeup Routine
She says she puts on makeup every single day even if she isn't going anywhere. She likes to look nice for her husband.
She wears MAC Fawntastic (discontinued) Cream Color Base for blush and loves a Skin Corrector Pen by Dior Skinflash. I'm guessing this one (I might have to pick up one of those now).
Her favorite red lipstick is MAC Russian Red. My favorite red also ;).
Gwen's Skincare Routine
There isn't much out there about what keeps her skin looking so radiant (makeup, botox, serums?)
She does confess to using Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion for moisturizer.
She also uses SPF 50 every single day.
Gwen's Diet
She eats what she likes within reason, but works out 5 days a week to stay slim.

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