Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty Review: Baby Lips

The other day I was at Target just browsing around when I stopped in the cosmetics department and saw the lip balm I had been meaning to try- Maybelline Baby Lips.
I didn't really know too much about it other than that it's a lip balm that comes in a few different shades. At $2.99 I decided it was worth a shot so I bought "Quenched".
When I first started using it I was a little disappointed. I put it on and 15 minutes later my lips felt SUPER dry so I had to reapply. I like the smell though, and it feels really nice on my lips and leaves some shine. Now after a few days I can feel that my lips aren't as chapped as before, so I will continue using this product and have high hopes! It kind of reminds me of Blistex Silk and Shine but I like the packaging for Baby Lips- it's so cute and they're the same price!
I checked out the website for Maybelline Baby Lips and they say that after 4 weeks you have visibly renewed lips. It also has SPF 20 so it's great protection as well as hydration.
I will be sure to have an update in about a month to see if I'm loving this product!

Have you tried Baby Lips? What shade did you get and what are your opinions?
Thanks Beauties!

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