Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blog Sale!

Similar to a yard sale, except on a beauty blog!
I was cleaning out my stash of goodies to recycle/donate when I came across another beauty blog hosting a blog sale! I figured why not join in on the fun?
Here's what I've got for ya:
  • Aveda Tourmaline Charged radiance masque (3/4 full),$5
  •  Aveda intensive hydrating masque (3/4 full),$5
  •  Urban Decay Dew Me setting spray (3/4 full),$5...SOLD 
  •  Nyx white eyeliner pencil (used once),$2
  •  Aveda deep brown eyeliner pencil (used a few times),$2 
  •  Clinique special edition shadow quad from black tie violets (used twice), $10
  •  Clinique blushing nude shadow trio (used twice), $10 
  •  Thebalm Nude'tude palette (swatched), $10...SOLD
  •  Urban Decay shadow in fishnet- bright purple/pink (used a few times), $3
  •  Urban decay shadow in Minx- turquoise with glitter (used a few times), $3
  •  Urban decay shadow in stalker -glittery lavender (used a few times), $3
  •  Urban decay shadow in midnight cowboy rides again- glittery golden neutral (used a few times), $3 
  •  Aveda lipstick in passionflower (used once), $3
  •  Aveda lipstick in persimmon (used once), $3
  •  Aveda lipstick in Stargrape (used once) $3

I will update this list as products are sold.
I will cut you an extra deal if you purchase multiple items.
All products include the cost of shipping (USA) :)
Please leave a comment below of what you are interested in purchasing. Please leave your email address that is linked to your Paypal in the comments so I can invoice you.


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  2. Hi, do you have up close pictures of theBalm's nude tude?

  3. Urban Decay Dew Me setting spray (3/4 full),$5

    $5 shipped right?

  4. Thebalm Nude'tude palette (swatched), $10

  5. Hi, I'm interested in the Nude Tude if it's still available.

  6. Please reply back to my email message, you invoiced to the wrong paypal email.