Saturday, September 1, 2012

Expired Beauty Products:

How many do you have in your makeup bag?
Working in the beauty industry, I get asked all the time- Do my products expire?
The simple answer is yes, and probably faster than you might realize.

What happens if I use my expired products?
Sometimes nothing. They might just not work as well as they should.
But other times using an old mascara can cause eye infections or sties...So not worth it!
Lipglosses go rancid and then you basically eat them. Gross.
Just throw them away!

I've done some research to take some of the guesswork out of it.

Liquid foundation and concealers:
Lasts 6 months to a year.
If the consistency is off, the color has changed, or it smells different than it used to, it's time for a new one.
Bacteria breeds quickly in a moist environment, better to play it safe.
To avoid contamination, get a pump for your foundation or use one that comes in a squeeze tube. If you love your formula that comes in a glass bottle, pour some out onto a tissue and dip from that instead of the bottle.

Face Powder:
Lasts up to two years.
Avoid that hardened layer that appears on pressed powders by always using a clean applicator (and avoid breakouts too!) and never touch it with your fingers.
Powder blush lasts about 2 years.
Cream blush lasts about one.
If your blush is so hardened that it looks like you didn't put any on when you apply it, it's time for a new one.

Lasts 2 to 3 months.
If it has a nasty gasoline-like scent to it, it's rancid.
To keep your mascara from drying out, NEVER pump the wand up and down! All you're doing is pushing air into the product and drying it out faster. Instead, Swirl the wand around to build product up on the wand.

Two years if it's powder. About 6 months if it's cream.
If you wet your powder shadow, 6 months.
If you don't wash your brushes each time you apply your shadow, toss it every three months to avoid eye problems.
What i do is rub a cotton ball in the shadow and then dip my brush into that instead of back into the shadow pan!

Liquids last about 3 months. Pencils can last up to 3 years!
Pencils last longer because the product isn't exposed to air until it's sharpened. If liner isn't something you use every day save yourself some money by buying pencils and just sharpen them each time to get a fresh creamy application.

Lipstick and gloss:
Last about a year. 
If they smell funky or don't apply like they should, it's time for new ones.

I'm about to start going through my products!

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