Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trend Watch: Colored Mascara

If you beauties read my previous post, you know that I'm drooling over the upcoming fall trend- bright lashes.
I came across the most gorgeous purple Lancome mascara at work the other day, but the $26 price tag was a little scary even with my employee discount. 
So I did some research. What other brands even make colored mascaras? The conclusion? LOTS.
Here are the most noteworthy:

Dior Diorshow Mascara
I would love to get my paws on some diorshow, don't get it twisted. But if I'm gonna spend big on a mascara, it better be one that I know I'll use. Especially since mascara has such a short shelf life. If your pocketbook isn't as tight as mine, this bad boy is definitely worth a look.
$25 at Sephora.

This would be the mascara that has been teasing me every day at work. Check out that tapered brush with a billion bristles and creamy rich violet formula. I love this. If only I had $26.

Possibly the most unexpected addition to my list if not because of its award winning status, the fact that it's only about $5. And word on the street is they're adding many more exciting colors to the collection! I would without a doubt spend/possibly waste a few dollars on this mascara,
I envision a review in the near future!

An expert tip I've learned from work: To avoid looking overly dramatic, only use the colored mascara on the bottom lashes. Using a black thickening mascara on the top lashes will help open up your eyes and add a bit of color. Tom Pecheux is the mastermind behind this tip, and Estee Lauder took full advantage of his brilliance!



  1. I've always wanted to try this! Thanks for the pro tip!
    I tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award on my blog!

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  3. I don't know if I would ever sport this look, but thanks for the tips. Would be great to see you try it out :D


  4. love the look of Diorshow mascara, its a lot more expensive here in the UK though (£23 which is about $36 dollars). I found your blog through Beautylish and am now following x
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