Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Wow. I just realized that I haven't taken much time to introduce myself on this blog.
I'm Erin, I live in Minnesota, I'm 20 years old. I'm a licensed cosmetologist without a job.
I've always had a passion for the beauty industry and after high school I decided to take it a step further and enroll in the cosmetology program at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis.
I took class there from January 2011-January 2012. After that I was completely broke and moved back with my parents about 2 hours away from Minneapolis. I'm currently looking for a steady job while doing some freelance work on the side.
I do my family and friends hair, and I've been getting more and more interested in makeup.
I hope to keep you guys and gals updated as I continue my journey through the world of beauty.
If anybody has any questions about anything from cosmetology school, the industry in general, products I've used, Aveda, whatever... I'm totally willing to help you out!

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