Sunday, February 16, 2014

Even Better Clinical: An Insider's Look

As a beauty advisor for Clinique, I've been given lots of information about the number one selling dark spot corrector in the world. I know the statistics: Verified 58% improvement at 12 weeks of use & results equal to a leading prescription ingredient. I've heard testimonies from clients who love the product. I've also had angry customers claiming that the product doesn't work at all or made their dark spots worse. I've decided the only way to separate fact from fiction and to give you a true opinion on this product, I will need to try it out for myself.

There's a few crucial bits that you will need to know before buying this product:

Many variables can affect how quickly you will notice results: degree of pigmentation, stress, medication and UV exposure all play a part. Generally you should notice a measurable difference at 4 weeks of use.

  • In 1-2 weeks your skin will feel smoother and look brighter
  • In 4 weeks dark spots are visibly reduced
  • At 12 weeks, see a verified 58% improvement in dark spots
This product works to help skin with radiance, dark spots, acne scars and discoloration. It does not work on freckles you were born with.

Be consistent! You must use two pumps twice a day to see measurable results.

Use this product all over your face, not just on spots.

You NEED to use a sunscreen with this product. It does not make your skin sensitive to the sun, however. You need to use a sunscreen to prevent furthering the damage you are trying to erase. Even in the winter. If you are outside for less than 15 minutes a day, an SPF 15 moisturizer is great protection. More exposure and you'll want a higher SPF and continue to reapply every 2 hours if you are going to be exposed.

Commit to using this product long term. It helps with radiance, it helps to treat acne, prevent acne scarring, and even prevent dark spots from popping up. Why wouldn't you want to use this product forever?

 It's $49.50 for a one ounce bottle that lasts one month. A 1.7 oz is also available for $76, that equals $44.70 per month. Some stores even sell a 3.4 oz at $138, that equals $40.59 per month.
This information isn't meant to scare you away from the product, just my insider tips to have the best results with this product!

A common question: How does this serum fit into my current skincare routine?

The short answer is: Before your moisturizer.

First you should wash, tone, moisturize. If you are following the 3 Step routine, do your regular 3 Step routine, use the serum, and then follow up with a day or night cream. If you aren't using the 3 Step Skincare (which you by no means have to) then it gets a bit more complicated. Hopefully you are using some sort of soap, toner, and basic moisturizer. Use those first! A basic moisturizer does not treat your skin concerns and should not contain SPF. It simply balances your skin to give you the best results if you do decide to use a treatment. Next use your serums and the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector in any order. Lastly, use your night/day cream and make sure to have an SPF for the day!
If you've decided that Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is the right choice for you, congratulations! You've just found guaranteed results and your most beautiful skin ever.

Here's my photo. On the left, Day 1 of use. On the right, 17 days of use.

This post will keep evolving as I continue on my skincare journey! Leave me any questions, and be sure to share your own experiences with Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector in the comments. Looking forward to seeing some awesome results!

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