Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beauty To Go

What's worse than spending a half hour in the morning perfecting your face to find a makeup melt-down mid day? I'm about to let you in on what products you really need to take with you for touch ups.

An adorable cosmetic bag

A cute cosmetic bag will be more durable and is more environmentally friendly than going through a plastic bag every week. Your compacts are also less likely to crack and brushes are less likely to be misshapen. Think of it as insurance for your cosmetics. I suggest checking with your favorite makeup counter to see if they'll be giving one away anytime soon! 

What cosmetics will you want to bring along?


Everyone should invest in a nice pressed powder that won't look cakey after a few applications. I Highly recommend Clinique's Stay Matte pressed powder in Invisible Matte. It's great for dry combo to very oily skin types and is amazing for absorbing excess oil without adding any color so it doesn't look heavy. And it's a mirrored compact so it's great for touch ups.

If you tend to feel dry throughout the day (especially during winter) bring a moisturizer to pat on top of your makeup. I suggest using an eye cream as a mid-day moisturizer because it's the perfect size for travel.


I suggest bringing along a cream blush if your cheek color tends to wear off throughout the day. If you go to apply a powder blush in the middle of the day, it has a tendency to look blotchy because of oil on your face. A cream blush will apply smoothly any time of day! It's also nice because you can skip bringing the blush brush along, just pat the blush onto your cheek using your fingers. If you aren't sure on a color, a champagne     highlight color works on most skin tones to brighten up your cheeks mid-day.                                                                                            


We all know that your lipcolor isn't going to last all day. Whether you're a glossy gal or a lipstick lady, bring it along for touch ups. I also suggest investing in a retractable lip brush. It's great for getting precise lines like a liner all in one step


If you apply your shadow correctly and start with a base or primer, it should stay put throughout the day. If you have especially oily lids, bring a powder shadow to touch up your lids with. I usually stay away from
                        reapplying mascara because it will get clumpy.


A handy tool to bring along is Q-Tips. Use them to blend out creased shadow and fix makeup meltdowns on your lips or eyes. If you're on the oily side, pack away some blotting papers for when you start to feel greasy. Remember that blotting papers are to blot your face with, don't wipe! wiping your face with blotting papers won't properly remove excess oil and it can wreck your makeup.

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