Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tanning: Trend or Toast?

So many women love the look of tanned skin. Some women are still using old fashioned UVA rays, others opt for newer technology like spray tanning and bronzers. So what's the deal with tanning?

Understanding tanning:
A tan results from injury to skin's DNA structure; skin darkens itself in attempt to prevent further UV damage. 

No matter what you have heard from tanning advocates, basking under a UV lamp, laying out in the sun, or even incidental sun exposure can lead to serious consequences. Not only does UV exposure cause premature signs of aging (lines, wrinkles, sagging, dark spots), it can also cause enlarged pores, increased oil production, uneven skin tone, an overall lack of radiance, and quite possibly cancer. If you aren't worried about the effects UV exposure will have on your skin, it also contributes to eye problems and suppresses the immune system. 

UV rays have been identified as a carcinogen.
UV lamps used in salons emit doses of UVA 10 times stronger than the sun does. Recent research suggests that first exposure to tanning beds increases risk of melanoma by 75 percent.
UVB exposure contributes to sun burn.

Stay protected:
A broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen is essential year round, indoors and out.
Even on cloudy days, UV rays still linger.
UVA penetrates glass, if you're driving or sitting by a window sunscreen is absolutely necessary. 
Fluorescent lights emit UV radiation. The extent varies between lights- better safe than sorry.
Any form of SPF works- whether it's in your moisturizer, makeup or sunscreen. Just make sure to get your entire face and neck covered on a chilly day.

A daily dose of SPF 15 is just fine for people with incidental exposure. People who will be in direct sunlight for extended hours should look for SPF 50. Generally one ounce (A shot glass full) is enough to cover exposed areas. You also need to reapply every two hours! PS: A 5 ounce bottle of sunscreen should only last you for 10 hours of sun exposure. Do the math before you leave for vacation!

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